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American Eagle Auto Glass what do you do when someone breaks your car window

What Do You Do When Someone Breaks Your Car Window?

August 3, 2021

After reading through our guide on what to do if someone breaks your car window, you’ll know: 

  • What steps to take to protect yourself and your identity 
  • Who you should contact and why 

Finding your car vandalized with a broken window can be a traumatic event. The shock can be tough to shake off, and you’re often left with more questions than there are answers. 

However, one question can be answered: What do you do when someone breaks your car window? At American Eagle Auto Glass, we’ve seen this situation occur too many times to count. As a trusted auto glass repair service that operates in Illinois and Indiana, our team is here for you during these trying events.  

6 Steps to Take After Someone Breaks Your Car Window 

Take a Deep Breath 

Emotions can run high after a situation like this. You may find your heart racing as your emotional state begins to ramp up. You’re right to feel that way, but you must begin to take control of the situation by taking a deep breath. Inhale through your nose and slowly exhale. Do this several times until you begin to feel like you’re able to take appropriate steps. 

Document What Happened 

Use the camera on your phone to take photos of the damage from multiple angles. Do this before anyone else touches the car, or you begin to clean up. Insurance companies process broken windshield claims, and they like to have as much evidence and documentation of the damage as possible. If there’s damage to the interior of your car, capture as many images of it as you can. 

Once you’ve adequately photographed the damage, begin to compile a list of anything that’s been stolen. Check your glove compartment to see if any essential documents have been taken. 

Report the Situation to the Police 

When you call the police, they may or may not send someone out to see the damage themselves. Regardless, either the person on the phone or the officer sent to assist will ask for a variety of information: 

  • Your driver’s license number 
  • Your car insurance information 
  • Your vehicle registration 

If any of these documents have been stolen, you may be able to gather the details the police need from the appropriate website or app. 

Protect Personal Information 

Should the thief take your wallet or purse, call any financial institutions you bank with to make them aware. They can cancel any stolen debit or credit cards and issue you new ones. If your ID has been stolen, you may also need to place fraud alerts with credit reporting companies. 

File an Insurance Claim 

Broken windshield claims may help you pay for a car window replacement. However, this may also cause your rates to go up, and you may find that paying to replace the window out of pocket is ultimately less expensive than filing with your insurance company. 

Replace Your Window 

The last step is to replace your car window. Go with a reputable company, like American Eagle Auto Glass. Whether the broken window occurred at your home or place of work, we’ll even come out to you to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

American Eagle Auto Glass Can Help 

We operate out of four locations that serve Indiana and Illinois: 

  • Champaign, IL 
  • Danville, IL 
  • Bloomington, IN 
  • Terre Haute, IN 

If your car window is broken, call us today. We’ll help you answer the question of what do you do when someone breaks your car window, and we’ll do it while providing superior customer service. Contact us today so we can help you! 

Featured Image: Gina Buliga/Shutterstock