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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Services

Serving Danville & Champaign, IL & Terre Haute & Bloomington, IN

Complete Expert Auto Glass Services

At American Eagle Auto Glass, we’re your one-stop destination for vehicle glass solutions. We can take care of any auto glass damage quickly and efficiently, delivering amazing results, and restoring the appearance of personal and corporate vehicles. Whether you need to fix a chipped windshield or replace a cracked or broken window, we’re always ready to assist at a moment’s notice:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs and minivans
  • Delivery vans
  • Motor homes
  • Semis
  • Construction equipment and farm equipment

Our team provides complete repairs or replacement for any vehicle glass, including windshields, side windows, rear windows, and door windows. Taking care of damaged glass with professional solutions has many benefits. Sleek glass looks great for your company’s reputation.

Clear windshields provide better visibility and make it easier to avoid accidents, which can keep your family safe on the road. Also, letting our experts’ repair chips as soon as possible can prevent further damage and save you money.

Why Choose Us

For auto glass that looks incredible, it pays to choose the best glass experts in Illinois. At American Eagle Auto Glass, we put customer satisfaction above all else. Here are our five core values:

  1. Quality: Our professionals are committed to the highest quality. We use the best tools and materials for our auto glass services. We take the time to do things right so your glass is installed correctly.
  2. Expertise: With over 35 years of experience in auto glass solutions, we’ve built a great reputation for getting the job done right the first time. Our certified glass experts understand the best way to take care of existing damage for long-lasting quality.
  3. Results: Professional repairs can help avoid a chipped window from getting worse to the point of needing a full replacement. Our glass replacement and installation services are second to none, offering work quality that is guaranteed.
  4. Flexibility: We’re willing to go to you for repairs, whether that means your place of business or right to your home, weather permitting. Our team can also work with your schedule, providing urgent repairs wherever and whenever needed.
  5. Dedication: When we say we take care of everything, we mean it. This includes attention to detail and finishing touches. Our team makes sure that your repair or replacement is always up to Auto Glass Safety Council standards.

Experience the best auto glass repair solutions for yourself. Call us right away for assistance. Whether you want to schedule an appointment at our shop or have us go to you, we’re happy to help. Our staff can answer any of your questions before getting started to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

* Windshield Rock Chip Repairs

Windshield Repair in the Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois area

The experts at American Eagle Auto Glass specialize in windshield repair, allowing you to keep the same windshield in your car, truck or van, resulting in a lower cost to you.

Auto Glass Replacement

We can professionally replace auto glass for any part of your automobile at one of our shops or where your vehicle is located, utilizing our free mobile service when the weather environment will allow it.

  • Back Window
  • Door Windows
  • Vent Windows
  • Windshields

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  • Window Regulators
  • Window Motors
  • Rear De-frosters

Fast Service

American Eagle Auto Glass offers next-day service on any automobile, motorhome, semi-tractor, construction equipment, or farm tractors. Same day service available in some instances.


We accept Insurance Assignments and are approved by all insurance carriers.

Call us first – we’ll do the paperwork and make the necessary calls.

Windshield Services

Mobile Service

Free mobile service is available, allowing us to repair or replace your windshield at your automobile’s location when the weather will allow it.

Windshield Repair & Replacement Services


Clean Up

Our service technicians will clean up your vehicle of all broken glass, etc., free of charge, when we install replacement glass.


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